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Love for life. Love for food. Love for joy. Love for yourself. Love for others. Love for your dreams. Love for health.

Love for the planet and all its beings. 

After meeting in Bali, Martin & Mymy decided to take a leap of faith and to follow their dream vision of opening a plant-based restaurant together, to build a brand, and to reach the sky, hand in hand. Both coming from the hospitality world, Martin being an entrepreneur at heart, and Mymy as a creative leader, they put their strengths together to bring to you M&LOVE cafe. 

''This is the extension of us, the extension of our home"

Martin was a pioneer in Australia for opening the 1st organic pizza restaurant over 10 years ago. ''Everyone thought we were crazy and that it wouldn't work'' Martin proved them wrong by making it the best spot in town. 

After being plant-based form 11 years now, Mymy truly has a passion for healthy and clean food that also taste delicious and has always wanted to share it with the world. 

M&LOVE cafe was established in Manhattan Beach, California, where they lived for 4 years. After the addition of the youngest daughter, they decided to take a chance and start again here, in Australia, where Martin is from.

'' We are excited to be able to share this project with the community and couldn't be more grateful for it.''

M&M welcomes you to their world, 

With love,